Surf City Huntington Beach

Photo by Eric Demarcq

Huntington Beach is the place to be if you love to surf, shop, dine and have a fun filled time.
Huntington Beach is also known as The Surf City. When you visit this beach you will see why, as everything here revolves around the ocean. In fact, Huntington Beach holds 50 surfing competitions throughout the year.

There is a surfer feel embedded in Huntington Beach, with a laid-back feel and contemporary style. Huntington Beach is a unique destination on the Californian coast.

The town is full of life that revolves around the outdoors, with plenty to do and see no matter what you are looking for.

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As a surfer, you will find this place to be with classic beach breaks that catch any type of swell that is on offer. The winter months offer bigger swells and with the summer crowd gone, you will have plenty of ocean to yourself. Classic hollow waves are a major draw factor of this beach, just as long as the conditions are right.

Huntington Beach is the home of the Vans US Open of Surfing. This is the largest surfing competition and lifestyle event that they hold, which draws in over half a million people.
The US Open is held over nine days, where the best surfers in the world compete for amazing prizes.

Huntington Beach is the place to be for surf, lifestyle and fun and that’s why TheCaliCamp takes guests to this much-loved beach. Have a look at the live web cam.

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