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Do you want to write for this blog? This are some topics we are looking for. If you have another idea please pitch it to us. My contact:

Our audience are young people from 20 to 30. They come from all over the world to visit California. Most readers will be solo traveling from Europe. We are looking for articles that help travelers to have a great time. Useful information for their amazing California experience like

Our main topics:

  • What to do in California
  • Locations (what you have to see, where you can sleep, famous and secret places. We count Las Vegas to a California trip)
  • Events (EDC, Lightning in a Bottle, Tip to Tip, sports events. Little events as well)
  • Food (what to eat, different food stores, how to save money, where to get tasty food)
  • How to travel (Car rental, on the road, public transportation and so on)
  • What to know (How to behave, when the police stops you, get a job, dangerous things)
  • Things about surfing

Who we are
We run a surf camp in Dana Point Our guests are from all over the world. We would like to help them find new places. Also we want California travelers to know about us. Traveler should find a lot of useful information for their trip and of course we suggest them to visit us as well. To know our guest better you can visit our tripadvisor reviews.

We are looking for english and german written articles. No copy – only unique content that you have written.

When you take attention on this points – we love it!

Please pitch ideas on what you would like to write. We are interested in more then one article.



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